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Houston Rockets vs. Indiana Pacers game preview

The Rockets look to return to .500 when they take on Paul George and Indiana Pacers tonight.

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Once again, the Rockets are one game under .500. It feels like Houston has flirted with even all season, but Rockets fans are hoping that this time they can get to .500 and stay above that number.

The Indiana Pacers enter the game at 21-15 and are currently sitting as the 6 seed in the Eastern Conference. A lot of people (myself included) didn't think the Pacers would have a good year after losing so much of their frontcourt and having to start Ian Mahinmi and Lavoy Allen. But they (and I) were wrong and the Pacers have exceeded expectations in a big way.

Mostly that's been attributed to Paul George. You remember him. Tall, long, small forward who two years ago was seen as the third piece in the LeBron-KD-George triumvirate that would own the league for years. Of course, a nasty leg injury kept him out for most of last season but PG has returned to help Indiana to a surprising start to the season. He's putting up 24/8/4 and shooting 40% from 3. He's also driving to the rim to the tune of 8 FTA per game.

George is playing well enough that it won't be an issue, but in the offseason I said that he was the one guy who should be guaranteed a spot on the Olympic team if he wants. Seriously, after LeBron, KD, Davis, and Curry, he has to be a lock.

The Pacers also brought in a player sure to be familiar with Rockets fans in Monta Ellis. Whether he was playing for Golden State or Dallas, Ellis usually reserved great games for when he took on Houston (yes, even before James Harden started defending him so please let it go).

Finally, how frustrating must it be to write about the Pacers? Not because of anything on the court, but because of the names! The Pacers have a Paul George and a George Hill. So you can't call them George because that gets confusing. So you just call George Hill "Hill" right? Wrong. You see, the Pacers also have Jordan Hill AND Solomon Hill. So do you call them by their first names? Paul, George, Jordan, and Solomon sound like a new take on the Beatles, I guess.

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