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Jason Terry is having a career year from inside the arc

"I pride myself in the mid-range game," the veteran point told The Dream Shake.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Jason Terry, at 38 years old, is not only playing 15-20 minutes a game, starting every once in a while and being a contributor to wins during this five-game win streak, he is also having a career year from inside the three-point line.

"I pride myself in the mid-range game," Jason Terry told The Dream Shake after the Rockets' game against the T-Wolves Wednesday night.

This season Terry is shooting 61 percent on two-pointers which is the second-best on the team among regular contributors. The 61 percent Terry is shooting is by far the best he has shot in his entire career. His .574 eFG% is also a career-high.

"Those are layups to me," Terry said of his two-point field goals, "where ever you want me inside the three-point line, I consider those layups."

When he puts the ball on the floor and goes to the rim, it's a great play and it almost always ends up in points.The 61% he's shooting isn't coming from the same volume of Dwight Howard. Terry is working with fewer shots,but he is making sure those shots really count.

"I'm very selective in my shots when I do get to my spots, I'm very confident and I know I can make them," Terry said.

Early in his career, Terry said he was more like Allen Iverson, the more the better. Now, it's more about precision.

Terry is still known as the Rockets' spot up three-point shooter. But now he is starting to get some recognition as a guy who will beat you when he puts the ball on the floor and you give him some space.

The Rockets backup guard may be 38 years old, but he still has the skills to beat just about anybody. Just ask Kevin Martin and Tayshaun Prince. Wednesday night, with only three minutes left in the game and the Timberwolves only down two points, neither guy decided to pick up Terry off a screen, so he decided to take it all the way to the rim for a floater over Karl-Anthony Towns.

Terry, over the past five wins, has been a pretty big cog in the Rockets closer unit. When the Rockets need winning plays in the fourth quarter, Terry is in the game.

Josh Reese