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Houston Rockets vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game preview

The Rockets look to return to winning ways when they take on the Thunder in OKC.

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Houston's performances on national television really make you wish that they would never play on national television.

Well, tonight's game is on NBA TV, which counts in the same way that getting a 90 on a test is an A. It counts, but barely.

The last time Houston played a team coming off a back-to-back was never last season weeks ago, and that's the kind of thing this team needs right now: an advantage in a game against a superior opponent. You know, like when the Thunder had 5 days off before playing the Rockets last season when Houston was on a back-to-back and had to fly in the night before from Orlando. Granted, Houston won that game but you get the point.

You know what the Thunder bring to the table so I'll make it brief today. OKC fans will boo Patrick Beverley because he did something that every NBA point guard including Russell Westbrook does. The Thunder are a team that relies on two absolutely incredible offensive talents. They have surrounded those two players with perfect complimentary players like Serge Ibaka, Steven Adams, and Anthony Morrow. Kyle Singler can also sling it and D.J. Augustin has made Rockets teams look awful in the past, especially when he gets to take approximately 130 steps on his way to the basket.

Kevin Durant is no longer the alpha dog in OKC since Westbrook has emerged as a superstar. I could talk about both guys for hours, but I will say that what I love about Westbrook is that he goes 100% all the time on both ends of the court. You'll never see him take plays off or stop working. That's why he's going to score a ton of points in the All-Star Game year after year.

Anyway, I expect this to be yet another example of how Houston isn't in the top group of teams. Houston can hang with the Thunder if they play their tails off and move the basketball. They just haven't proven that they can do that consistently yet.

Tip-off is at 7pm CST on NBA TV.

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