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Should the Rockets make a rotational change?

In today's Rocket Fuel, a change in the rotation may help spur more effort, while the reasons why each team in the NBA won't win the title are given.

Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Although it wasn't pretty, the Rockets won a basketball game last night. Today, catch up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Houston Rockets 93, Utah Jazz 91: A new rotational change? | Red94

As I think we all know by now, the Houston Rockets’ season hinges on their ability to hustle and communicate on defense. That makes Montrezl Harrell a pleasant sight in the rotation.

Houston Rockets: No Timetable For Donatas Motiejunas | Hoops Habit

As the season from hell for the Houston Rockets drones on, it has been announced that Donatas Motiejunas is suffering back pain and is out indefinitely.

James Harden not happy with fan trying to distract him | HoopsHype

Something weird happened in the game last night.

Why Your Favorite NBA Team Won't Win the Title: January Edition | Bleacher Report

Want to know why the reason each team in the NBA won't win the title this season? Then check out this article.

Give and Go: Derrick Rose, Lopez top NBA trades we'd like to see |

Which NBA players are in need of a change of scenery?'s Matt Dollinger and Rob Mahoney discuss which stars they'd like to see traded before the deadline.