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Weird Rockets Video of the Week: Luis Scola - Rampage

*sound on*

Hoops Scribe

Ethan Rothstein, our editor in chief and chief who is also an editor, asked me a while back to do a weekly article with the weirdest Rockets video I could find. I didn't know if there were going to be enough videos, but here we are still going very, very strong. Here is this week's video.

The Spirit of Houston Rockets - Luis Scola - Rampage



Video Description

" "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!" - Rudy Tomjanovich
This is the spirit of Houston Rockets. 
Yao Ming, Luis Scola, Brooks, Kyle Lowry, Ladry and Chuck Hayes.
This is The Spirit. "

Okay, before we get to anything else, what is the soundtrack to this video? What is this mess of J-Pop blessing these visuals which were almost no doubt filmed on a 20mm sweet potato and or yam? Damn. That's a good joke if I do say so myself. I mean, actual joke content aside, the syllables in that sentence are just wild. Oh wow.

For some context, Luis Scola is a guy from Argentina who used to play for the Rockets, but you probably already knew that. He was a really fun player in the classic sense of fun Rockets players. He was one of those guys who didn't look like a professional athlete but was a way above-average professional athlete, and who doesn't love those guys?

Meanwhile, the haiku-esque description really unwittingly touches on some very true sentiments. See, Scola doesn't even score in this video. He just keeps offensive rebounding over and over again. Is this cool? Yes. Is this inspiring? Yes. Did I cry when I watched this video? Yes. Did that get weirder when the J-Pop track of this video repeated 32 seconds in? Yeah, it did. Why are you asking so many questions?

Either way, Scola can rebound over and over all he wants, but he never scores in that video. That, sometimes, feels like the spirit of the Houston Rockets. Also, he misspells "Landry."

Here is the best comment from this video. I had 8 to choose from.


Lawee H, if that's your real name and I really hope it is, I know you're joking, but I also very much hope you are not joking. Oh man. Have you ever listened to YouTube freestyles? They're always so bad. Man, if someone freestyled over this, especially Lawee H, we might have to shut down YouTube for ever. Just shut it down. Please Lawee H. Do it for humankind.

That was your Weird Rockets Video of the Week. Come back next week when I show you something else ridiculous because that's who I am now.