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How successful can the Mike D'Antoni and James Harden pairing be?

In today's Rocket Fuel: Harden and D'Antoni clearly need to buy in in order to repair their images, but how successful can this partnership be? Also, can the beard pull of a rare feat only done by two others in NBA history?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets are beginning their overseas recovery, and don't play again until Saturday night. However, you should always be caught up on the latest Rockets news and can do so with today's Rocket Fuel!

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What stood out the most during the NBA's Global Games this year? Here are our five best moments from the league's latest China tour, featuring the Rockets and Pelicans.

James Harden and Mike D’Antoni will be a fascinating partnership for the Rockets |

Both are in need of an image refresh. Can they help each other restore their reputations?

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Can the beard be the first player since Nate Archibald to lead the league in both scoring and assists?

Rockets player apologizes after outrage for vandalizing Great Wall of China | FOX Sports

Not the best idea.