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4 reasons to get hyped for the NBA season

It's time to get pumped.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Sound the alarm, the NBA season tips off in less than two weeks! It's time to stop thinking about the Astros and Texans' shortcomings and get back to NBA action.

The Rockets are currently tied for first place with every other team at 0-0. Last year's disappointment can finally be remedied by in-the-moment (possibly irrational) optimism.

Houston kicks off their season on Oct. 26 against the Lakers. Here is what we have to look forward to for the upcoming campaign.

Point Beard

Coach Mike D'Antoni announced during media day that Harden will be employed as the full-time "points guard." It is unclear how different his role will actually be, since he dominated nearly every possession last year and often initiated the offense.

As the shooting guard last year, Harden had the third highest usage percentage in the league. This year, expect his assist numbers to creep even closer to double digits (he averaged 7.5 per game in 2015-16).

Unlike last year, Harden will be running point under D'Antoni's system. The offense will surely have a higher tempo, whether the 2016 Rockets emulate the "Seven Seconds or Less Suns" is yet to be seen. The question remains: can Mike D'Antoni use Point Beard as effectively as he did Steve Nash?

Mike D'Antoni

In addition to how much he can squeeze out of Harden, it will be interesting to see how D'Antoni will inject his philosophies and system into the team.

D'Antoni's toughest task will certainly be devising a competent defense (or, at least, managing Jeff Bzdelik, who will be doing most of the devising). How will the Rockets defend with lineups consisting of defensive liabilities like Harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, and Corey Brewer? D'Antoni has a negative defensive reputation, but some of the numbers with the Suns were inflated because his offenses take so many shots, resulting in more possessions for both teams. With Lakers and Knicks, the talent and speed for good defensive teams were never there.

The New Additions

In addition to the crop of rookies, the Rockets acquired Nene, Tyler Ennis, Eric Gordon, and Ryan Anderson over the offseason. Don't sleep on the former Pelicans, Gordon and Anderson, who will be major contributors in D'Antoni's offense.

It's always fun to see how the new guys mesh with the returning players, but it is especially intriguing with so much roster turnover this year. Could the Rockets be better off without Dwight Howard?

Clint Capela

Watching the center grow has been one of the best storylines for the past couple years. Now, Capela will get the chance to seize the opportunity. He will fill the void left by Dwight Howard, whose tumultuous run with the Rockets ended in the summer.

"The Swiss Roll" will step into the starting center spot and I hope he's in the best shape of his life because he will be running pick and rolls all day with James Harden.