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Patrick Beverley is staring knee surgery in the face

The tenacious guard could be out a while.

Houston Rockets v Golden State Warriors - Game Two Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

The timetable of two weeks or so just might have gotten a little bit longer. Calvin Watkins of ESPN is reporting that Patrick Beverley might have surgery on his left knee.

The Houston Rockets point guard has been out of action since the team's second preseason game. He's been sidelined with left knee soreness but was changed to left knee irritation recently.

Head coach Mike D'Antoni on Tuesday shared that he is not counting on having Beverley to start the season.

Without Beverley, Eric Gordon will likely get the starting role opposite James Harden, and Tyler Ennism whom the team traded for before the start of camp, could also get a bump in playing time. K.J. McDaniels also figures to get more time on the court (finally).

The Rockets should know more about Beverley by the end of the week. While it's not exactly known what Beverley is suffering from, the left knee is not the same knee he has had work on in the past.

If he’s out just a couple more weeks or a couple more months, the injury is cause for concern. While the Rockets can likely somewhat weather an expected injury to Ryan Anderson with Clint Capela, Nene, Montrezl Harrell and Sam Dekker, with Beverley on the shelf, the Rockets can’t withstand an injury to their other fragile signee, Gordon. You never want to be in a position to count on Eric Gordon staying healthy.