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Rockets management wanted to play Clint Capela over Dwight Howard

In today's Rocket Fuel: Just how much tension was in the Rockets' locker room last season? (spoiler: a lot) Plus, just how good will the Rockets offense be this season?

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

We have officially made it. After the long months of summer without NBA basketball, our favorite league is back and returning with a vengeance. Before you prepare for the taxing months ahead of endless NBA basketball, make sure you're caught up with the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Houston Rockets management pushed to play Clint Capela over Dwight Howard | ESPN

Whether or not this story is true or accurate, it does go to show the amount of tension that was in the Rockets' locker room throughout last season.

After grueling preseason, Rockets already used to the road | Houston Chronicle

Hopefully all that traveling the Rockets did during the preseason prepares them for the grueling road trip they will take to begin the season.

The Rockets Have Found Out They Can Score A Lot Of Points | CBS Houston

The offensive style of give the ball to Harden and get out of his way has now been chucked for much more play-making. And I for one can't wait to watch the results of this offensive change.

What is the Houston Rockets' path to contention? | Red94

The Harden era has always involved some eye towards free agency, driven by public comments regarding future cap flexibility. However, this year feels different.

N.B.A. Schedule: Here’s What to Watch This Week | The New York Times

The 2016-17 N.B.A. season kicks off on Tuesday, and it's time to prepare for a long week of watching games. Need some help deciding which games to tune in to? Check out this article for some guidance.