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Rockets vs. Mavericks game thread: Deep breaths

The Rockets didn't lose by 20 again, but they've now started back-to-back seasons in bad form.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

It was just one game.

One game in which the Rockets looked explosive for stretches for offense — and ordinary at the very worst times — and downright awful on defense. But this is still the team that just wrecked the opposition in the preseason. And one has to figure James Harden won't run out of gas every game.

Last year, the Rockets dropped three straight games of 20 points to start the year. It set the tone for the entire season, and sapped every ounce of excitement out of Rockets fans that never returned. I don't know if my psyche can handle an 0-3 start if the losses are to the Lakers, Mavericks and Mavericks. That would be no bueno.