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On the remaining flaws in the Rockets' roster

In today's Rocket Fuel: what remaining flaws do the Rockets have on their roster? Plus, how long will it take for the team to not revert to slow, iso-ball late in games?

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is here everyone! We have somehow survived this eventful (to say the least) week! Unfortunately the Rockets don't take the court again until tomorrow, but at least they're back playing at home for a little. Make sure you're caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Diagnosing Houston Rockets' Remaining Roster Flaws | Bleacher Report

As we all know, the Rockets still have some flaws (or missing links) on their roster. Which flaws are the most important to fix?

Rockets guard against fourth-quarter slowdowns | Houston Chronicle

The Rockets have a tendency to slow down and play more iso-ball late in games. Hopefully that is resolved sooner rather than later.

James Harden Is Free To Be Great | Deadspin

"With Mike D’Antoni as the new coach, James Harden is, uh, holy shit, look at James Harden."

NBA D-League set to open 16th season with record 22 teams | FOX Sports

There was a time when the NBA Development League was just hanging on, a fledgling operation viewed as an outpost to be avoided at all costs. Now it's developing in to a full-fledged "minor league" system.