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The Corey Brewer starting lineup has an expiration date

This is not the long-term plan.

Houston Rockets v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

If you have been one of the few many who has been complaining and whining about Corey Brewer being added to the starting lineup, well, good news my friend. Friday during Houston Rockets practice, head coach Mike D'Antoni shared there was an expiration date on the lineup.

"That's mostly to get him ready for when Pat (Beverley) comes back," D'Antoni said when asked how he likes Eric Gordon coming off the bench.

It's only been two games, but so far Corey Brewer has had an amazing shooting stretch since swapping roles with Gordon.

"I'm sure he'd like to make a couple shots that didn't go in," D'Antoni said of Brewer in the starting lineup. "His defense, his professionalism, being a vet, his energy, there are a lot of things that like I said that doesn't come out in stats. It comes out that you feel it, as a coach or as a teammate, he gives those qualities, those extras.

“We've won both games,” D’Antoni added, “so I'm happy with it."

The Rockets are hoping that Patrick Beverley will be able to take part in practice sometime next week. Per D'Antoni, Beverley is only two weeks away, and Friday, the Rockets point guard was seen working out with the team before practice. He also got a haircut that’s reminiscent of his rookie season.


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Once Beverley is able to start taking part in practice, then the clock will start running on the Brewer/Harden starting backcourt.