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Mike D'Antoni hasn’t forgotten about Donatas Motiejunas

Who says he’s not a fit for MDA’s system?

NBA: Oklahoma City Thunder at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Just when you start to forget about Donatas Motiejunas, something comes up and you say, “Oh yeah, when is he ever going to sign and rejoin the Rockets?”

During Tuesday's media availability, head coach Mike D'Antoni was asked a question about finally having his full team when Patrick Beverley gets back.

Totally unprovoked, D'Antoni pulled a Lee Corso and said not so fast, my friend.

"Almost, almost, we still got Motiejunas out there hanging out somewhere," D'Antoni said, softly chuckling. "We may have to pick him up in Canada somewhere. I don't know where he is."

All offseason and training camp, D'Antoni has continued to mention Motiejunas and that there was a role for him if/when he signs.

So far it's been radio silence on the other end.

The latest Rockets offer to Motiejunas was reportedly a multi-year contract, with $7 million guaranteed in the first year. But Motiejunas and his representation reportedly countered with the threat of going to play overseas.

As of Tuesday, Motiejunas hasn't signed to play overseas, and he certainly hasn't signed to play for the Rockets or any other NBA team. So chances are, he must be working on a really great novel, maybe when he's finished and bored he will sign and rejoin the team.

The Rockets, or at least D'Antoni, seem to want him, so you'd like to think eventually something will happen.