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Sam Dekker is not the next Chandler Parsons

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Sam Dekker doesn’t want to acknowledge the natural comparisons to another recent Rockets youth.

"I want to be the only Sam Dekker," Sam Dekker said when asked about a Chandler Parsons comparison.

When drafted by the Houston Rockets in the first round two years ago, the small forward was compared to former teenage heartthrob Parsons. After an injury-filled season for Dekker last year, he's now beginning to showcase his game. In just over 16 minutes a game,. he's pouring in 5.5 points to go with 3.4 rebounds and an assist.

Not the gaudiest of stat lines, but when he is on the court, Dekker has an impact on the game. Being able to defend guards and forwards while shooting the three at a high rate, the Dekker/Parsons comparison is easy to make. Still, Dekker doesn't see it.

The second-year player said he sees himself as another Rocket.

"On my pre-draft sheet, they said you had to write a player you compare yourself to, I wrote Trevor (Ariza)," Dekker said. “And that was before I had any idea I was going to be a Rocket, so that's the guy I compare to.”

Still just barely into his NBA career, Dekker is starting to become the team's Ariza on the second unit. He holds it together with length on defense, runs the break and finishes well and he’s lethal from the corner.