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On the Rockets' three point barrage

In today's Rocket Fuel: Diving more in-depth on the Rockets three point barrage, and while Pat Beverley's return has been as advertised, there are still some key contributors the Rockets are expecting more from (we're looking at you Ryan Anderson).

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it's Monday once again. But don't be in a bad mood, the Rockets are riding some momentum and it's a short work week! Make sure you're caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

The Houston Rockets’ Great Three-Point Experiment | WSJ

James Harden and his teammates are on track to shatter the NBA record for 3-pointers- but that was the plan all along.

Rockets' defense gets a boost with return of guard Pat Beverley | Houston Chronicle

Beverley's return has been exactly what we have expected so far. So great to have the wolverine back.

3 Players Who Still Have to Step Up for the Houston Rockets | Bleacher Report

While plenty of the Rockets' rotation players have stepped up, there are still some key contributors that need to up their level of play in the next couple of weeks.

20 predictions for the NBA in 2020 | FOX Sports

Russ on the Heat? Old Man LeBron still dominating? Robots refereeing games? Fox Sports takes a look into their crystal ball and make 20 predictions for the NBA in 2020.