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Rockets vs. Warriors game thread: Brace for impact

The Rockets are smarting from a road loss and go into town against the superteam. Gulp.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors are terrifying. James Harden isn't afraid of anybody.

The Rockets go on the road tonight to take on a Warriors team consisting of four of the 25 best players in the NBA, featuring an Olympic gold medalist coming off the bench, to say nothing of Zaza Pachulia. They good.

The Rockets are road warriors, going 11-7 to this point against a laughably road-heavy schedule. A loss, even by a lot, is nothing to be embarrassed about. They've historically been terrible against this Warriors team. They will ask Ryan Anderson to guard one of Draymond Green or Kevin Durant for stretches.

The best the Rockets can hope for is a cold shooting night from one or two of Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry, a hot shooting night from Anderson and Eric Gordon and an MVP night from James Harden. If that happens, they can win. If some of those things happen, they probably won't. This is a fingers-crossed type of game.