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Rudy Tomjanovich thinks the Rockets will be hard to stop

Rudy T speaks!


Fact: Rudy Tomjanovich is the only coach in the history of the Houston Rockets franchise to win an NBA championship.

Since those two beautiful and wonderful championship seasons, Kevin McHale, Rick Adelman and Jeff Van Gundy — no I'm not counting J.B. Bickerstaff — have all tried to take the Rockets back to the promised land, but all have ended up failing for one reason or another.

This season, Mike D'Antoni is now the fourth man to lead the Rockets since Tomjanovich, and so far he has the team rocking and rolling, off to a 19-7 start.

"I think they're very good, I think they got a chance," Tomjanovich said while visiting practice Thursday. "(They're) high-powered, very hard to stop, I think the team fits the coach and the system, and I think they're going to be very tough."

So far on the season, the upstart Rockets have wins on the road over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the San Antonio Spurs and the Golden State Warriors, a feat that still hasn't been accomplished by any other team in the NBA (and, based on the way the Spurs and Warriors are playing, might not be replicated all year).

The Rockets, as Tomjanovich said, have proven to be a tough out so far and while they are still not where they want to be just yet, getting a thumbs up from the G.O.A.T is certainly a good sign.