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Another day, another broken three-point record for the Rockets

This team is ridiculous

NBA: New Orleans Pelicans at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With seconds left in a double-digit blowout over the New Orleans Pelicans, fans went bananas when Ryan Anderson sunk in a three-pointer.

That three-ball with 32 seconds was the 24th on the night, which broke the NBA record for made threes in a regular season game.

"It's something that we're just not surprised about, it's not something that's a shocker that we are going to celebrate," Ryan Anderson said of the three-point record. "I feel like we can do that again pretty easily, I feel like we can shoot it even better than we did tonight."

The Rockets just didn't set one record against the Pelicans:: they managed to break another record they set just earlier in the season.

Just weeks ago against the Sacramento Kings, the Rockets took 50 threes, and Friday, the team blew that record out of the water by attempting 61.

With teams desperate to stop James Harden's pick and roll lobs to Clint Capela, they have been leaving shooters open on the three-point line, and the Rockets have been making teams pay.

"I wouldn't doubt before the season is over that will break that record again." Eric Gordon said of the 24 made threes.

Hell, if Anderson or Patrick Beverley been their normal sharpshooting self, the Rockets might have made 30 threes on Friday night.