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How to cope with the loss of Clint Capela

In today's Rocket Fuel: Eric Gordon is fitting in seamlessly with the Rockets, while the team will have to figure out the best way to cope with the loss of Clint Capela. Oh, and unicorns are taking over the NBA.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Can we all agree to not speak about that game last night...? At least the Rockets won't have time to dwell on that crushing loss since they have to turn around and face the Suns tonight. Make sure you start off your hump day by catching up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Why Eric Gordon has been an ideal fit with the Rockets | Yahoo Sports

With a new team, a new system and a new role, the guard is shooting at the best rate of his career.

Houston Rockets: Options For Replacing Clint Capela | FOX Sports

With Clint Capela out for the foreseeable future, let's explore how the Houston Rockets will cope with the absence of the big man.

NBA: James Harden assisting off the court during holidays | ESPN

Who's that jingling down the aisles of a Houston Target store? It must be James Harden and his mom, bringing Christmas cheer to 20 single moms and their children.

Kevin Durant, Kristaps Porzingis Leading NBA's Unicorn Revolution |

From Durant to Giannis to Porzingis, the NBA suddenly features a slew of big men capable of doing it all. SI rank's the NBA's best unicorns.