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Patty Mills enjoys Patrick Beverley’s game

Despite having to play against it.

NBA: Brooklyn Nets at Houston Rockets Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

When you think of the Houston Rockets, you instantly think of offense. One of the last things that come to mind is defense, but the Rockets do have some guys who should be given props.

Patrick Beverley has made claims of being the best defender in the NBA, and San Antonio Spurs guard Patty Mills agrees he's pretty good.

"His aggressiveness is what gets people going I think," Mills said. "His teammates just feed off of it, he's got that nasty elbows and bumps, and bumping cutters and stuff and that really gets under people's skin."

Beverley's main job is to annoy, take his man out of his game and pressure the hell out of him. For the most part, he's done that and more.

Tuesday night was not peak Beverley, but he was still effective when in the game. The 6-1 point guard time after took rebounds away from guys twice his size, he played the lane, got steals, drew offensive fouls. You know, a normal Patrick Beverley game.

"He's aggressive defensively, his hustle diving on balls and that kind of stuff is contagious, you can see it affecting the whole team," Mills said.

Beverley brings energy every time he hits the floor, and since he's been back and healthy he's helped take the Rockets from a really good team to one that's undeniably elite.

While the Rockets ultimately lost Tuesday, the trademark defense, hustle and all-out effort that Beverley brought during the 10-game win streak still showed up in spades.