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Eric Gordon was almost a Grizzly

In today's Rocket Fuel: The Rockets are leading a new record breaking movement, Rockets management may have locked James Harden up for the rest of his career as a Rocket, and Eric Gordon almost became a Grizzly

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is here! Now it's time to kick back, relax with family, and enjoy the basketball holidays! Also, the Rockets play tonight against a division rival in the Memphis Grizzlies. Make sure to start your weekend off right by catching up with the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Led by Rockets, N.B.A. Is Shooting Even More 3-Pointers | The New York Times

Three teams are on a pace to break the record for 3-pointers attempted per game in a season, and one of them is the Nets (!!!)

New NBA labor deal can keep Rockets, James Harden together and happy | Houston Chronicle

Jonathan Feigen reveals that it was the Rockets who pushed for the "super max" provision in the new CBA. Way to go Leslie and Daryl!

Eric Gordon almost signed with the Memphis Grizzlies | Beale Street Bears

Eric Gordon's enjoying a career year in Houston. As the Rockets come to Memphis Friday, let's not forget how he almost signed with the Grizzlies.

Also, a new NBA site 16 Wins A Ring has debuted, and features an excellent piece on the beard.

How to talk about the NBA, to those who haven't been watching, on Christmas Day | Yahoo Sports

Now it’s time to lend that knowledge to those who need it most – family members who have yet to dip a toe into the NBA thus far.