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The Rockets are fun (and good) again

In today's Rocket Fuel: Daryl Morey has built a unique approach to the NBA Draft, while he and coach Mike D'Antoni share the same philosophy, making the Rockets a more complete, connected team.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The weekend is here! And what better way to kick it off with a Rockets back-to-back? The team faces a tough test in Oklahoma City tonight, but before tip-off, make sure you're caught up with the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

How Daryl Morey used behavioral economics to revolutionize the art of NBA draft picks | Slate

Read this excellent, in-depth look at how Daryl Morey revolutionized the NBA Draft.

Rockets' early success a welcome respite for Houston fans | Houston Chronicle

After the nightmare 2015-16 season, Rockets fans will welcome any sign of a competitive, fun team. Looks like we're getting that this season.

Mike D'Antoni: Rockets Have Same Philosophy, From Owner To GM To Star | RealGM

For the first time in a while, Mike D'Antoni is working at an organization that shares the same philosophy from top to bottom.

The Rockets have essentially boxed Donatas Motiejunas into coming to work |

What a strange situation this has turned in to. Who wants to place bets on when it all gets resolved?

The Trade Target Each NBA Team Should Be Chasing Right Now | Bleacher Report

It's getting dangerously close to that time of year again: rumors and hypothetical trades being thrown around all the time.