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Ty Lawson isn't getting traded to the Jazz

Woj is reporting talks have broken down.

Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets are dealing before the trade deadline, but in a somewhat surprising turn, Ty Lawson isn't involved. Talks between the Jazz and the Rockets to swap Lawson for young point guard Trey Burke have reportedly broken down:

Lawson's value has bottomed out even lower than when the Rockets acquired him in the offseason, so it was always hoping against hope that Houston could get a viable rotation player for him. Burke is a flawed player, but he's young and more willing to jack a three-point shot than Lawson has been, with a more stable personality to boot.

The Rockets' failed marriage with Lawson has been the most disappointing storyline of Houston's frustrating season, but fans had hoped that the Jazz or other teams remembered the dynamic guy he was in Denver and would bet on themselves to bring it out of him again. It appears that no one is willing to part with anything of value to make that bet, however.

If the Rockets don't buy out Lawson, they still have two and half months to try to turn it around with him. They'll need all the luck they can get.