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The Rockets are reportedly shopping Patrick Beverley

Maybe they will trade a point guard after all.

Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

This whole trade deadline season, we've assumed that if the Rockets were to trade a point guard, it would be Ty Lawson, who hasn't fit well but was a very good player not too long ago. Now that the only interested team has bowed out, Daryl Morey is still making calls, but now he's tentatively thinking about the other point guard:

Beverley, at his best, is a defensive stopper with a somewhat-reliable three-point shot who doesn't need to dominate the ball -- a great fit with this roster. He's one of the few Rockets who can be counted on to bring energy and intensity to the court on a consistent basis, and if Morey ships him out, he knows he needs to get something real in return. The question is, do other teams think he's worth something real?

On the one hand, the Rockets are currently out of the playoffs and just picked up a protected first-round pick for Donatas Motiejunas and Marcus Thornton. If they dealt Beverley for more picks, it could trigger a pretty quick rebuild with youth and (presumably) letting Dwight Howard walk in free agency. The Rockets would then have enough flexibility to court major free agents to pair with James Harden and a bunch of young talent.

On the other, the Rockets could commit to Ty Lawson at starter, deal Pat for a backup point and maybe another rotation wing and try to make another run into the playoffs. With the rotation a little cleaned up, maybe the team finally meshes. Stranger things have happened.

Either way, it's predicated on Beverley's rep around the league, which is up in the air. At this late hour, it's doubtful anything gets done.