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The best and worst of the Houston Rockets team store

Need a Houston Rockets yard gnome or a matching James Harden chef hat and apron? The Rockets team store has you covered.

One of the best items in the Houston Rockets team store.
One of the best items in the Houston Rockets team store.

On Jan. 21 Andre Drummond set an NBA record for missed free throws in a single game while Ryan Dunsmore and I looked on. During the free throw calamity disguised as a basketball game I wandered into the team store to make a list of the best and worst items in the team store.

In 2013 I cataloged the five worst things in the Rockets team store. This year I added the best items, because a load of money almost fell out of my wallet and into the cash register.

Rockets Team Store Best:

1. These Hakeem Olajuwon & Kenny Smith socks, $16. Sock game, strong.

2. These sweet lids, $24.

3. This assortment of all beanies, $25.

Ranked: 1. Clutch city. 2. Yellow pom pom. 3. Horizontal stripes. 4. Grey "Rockets". 5. Grey pom pom.

4. The James Harden chef hat and apron, $35.

You can go to a Rockets game looking like a normal person and trade $35 American dollars to be on TV. Fair trade.

Rockets Team Store Worst:

1. The Houston Rockets "boonie bucket hat", $30.

If bucket hats made a comeback, I missed the memo. Which wouldn't be surprising.

2. The Houston Rockets team gnome, $30.

Like Pierre the Pelican, this cannot be unseen.

3. Dwight Howard portrait, $9.

Why? Was this photo taken at Houston Rockets prom?

4. James Harden beach towel, $20.

Galveston with the James Harden beach towel, family.