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Five crazy moments from Rocket loss to the Jazz

James Harden got too close to a cameraman. Dwight channeled Dikembe Mutombo. Patrick Beverley went full pest. And the Rockets still lost.

This moment doesn't even crack the top 10.
This moment doesn't even crack the top 10.
Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

The Houston Rockets lost in overtime to the Utah Jazz 117 to 114 and the game was an absolute circus filed with sitcom-level antics. Here's the five best Vine's from last night's strange loss:

1. Patrick Beverley ices Gordon Hayward

Gordon Hayward is shooting 82.3% from the free throw line this season. With a two point lead and less than 25 seconds on the clock Hayward went to the line to shoot two free throws. When he stepped to the line to go through his shooting form and routine, he found Patrick Beverley. The known Houston Rockets irritant offered up some friendly words of advice and iced Hayward by pushing down his arm. Hayward made one of two free throws and the Rockets tied the game with a Jason Terry three.

2. James Harden almost kicks a cameraman below the belt

I'd rather see James Harden relieved to have won a close game, but I think we all appreciate that this was a near miss.

3. James Harden and Dwight Howard alley-oop fail


4. Dwight Howard channels Dikembe Mutombo

Howard laid two consecutive blocks on Rudy Gobert and celebrated about besting the Frenchman by pulling out the patented "no. no. no." finger wag made famous by Dikembe. Good form by Howard and adept move by going straight to the crowd for the finger wag, doing it at an opposing player is an immediate technical.

5. Josh Smith gets Happy Feet

This is for sure a travel.