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Ty Lawson is reportedly subject of buyout talks


Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets and James Harden are just firing, releasing, and trading everybody this week.

League sources tell The Vertical the team is considering buying out Ty Lawson's contract. The move would clear up salary-cap space to sign other players, or for the Rockets to get under the luxury tax. Maybe, the Rockets can even have nice things like a power forward.

The Rockets tried to trade Lawson before the deadline but they couldn’t find anybody to trade with.

Over the last couple of games, Jason Terry has become fundamental to staying in the game. He's taking Lawson's playing time. Earlier this week, Terry forced OT against the Utah Jazz with a very important and difficult three from the corner. As most are already aware, J.B. Bickerstaff benched Lawson in favor of Patrick Beverley after Kevin McHale was fired. With Terry and Bev, Lawson's the odd man out.

"I want to see Ty succeed," J.B. told ESPN before Thursday's game. "That's the only thing that's important to us, is seeing him play well, seeing him succeed, seeing him help the team. I know what's in there. We all know what's in there. I spend my time trying to figure out how to get it out. Do whatever it needs to be done to get it out."

Apparently, Lawson may have to succeed on another team.