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Is it time for a Rockets shakeup?

In today's Rocket Fuel, the state of the Rockets is analyzed as the all-star break approaches. Plus, intentional fouling may be a thing of the past as soon as this week.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the NFL season is officially over. Now its time to focus on the NBA and the race towards the playoffs. Before the Rockets take the court against the Warriors tomorrow, catch up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Houston Rockets: The Current State Of The Team | House of Houston

The Rockets are near the All-Star Break. What's the current state of this team and what do they need to do get better? Read on here to find out.

Slow-starting Houston Rockets lose to Blazers; time for shakeup? | ESPN

With their latest ugly loss, it's clear the Rockets need to make some changes to a roster without rhythm.

Dwight Howard regaining form with every game | Houston Chronicle

Dwight is slowly getting back into form after his ankle injury. Stay on the court, big man.

Taco Bell unveils the Quesalupa in Super Bowl ad with James Harden and George Takei | The Washington Post

The beard starred in a celebrity filled Taco Bell commercial last night. Take a look.

NBA may change rule on intentional fouls as early as this week | FOX Sports

One of the more controversial rules/strategies in the NBA may be changed as early as this week.