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Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors game preview

The Rockets head to Oakland to take on the Golden State Warriors.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Rockets play the best team in NBA history.

While many might argue that point, at this point the Warriors are in the Top 2 teams of all time, and the way they navigate the rest of the season and the playoffs will determine where they belong in the grand scheme of things.

The unfairness is palpable. Just when the Rockets stopped being ninth seed fodder, the Golden State started a dynasty. They've developed a system that will be near-impossible to ever replicate and have experienced some of the greatest injury luck known to man.

But you cannot discount just how incredible this team is. They beat really good teams without breaking a sweat. Every night they play on the road they are met with hostile crowds and shrug them off like it's nothing. They get everyone's best shot. It doesn't matter.

They are a more complete team than the late 90s era Chicago Bulls. Sure, Stephen Curry isn't Michael Jordan, but the rest of the roster destroys its Chicago counterparts.

If there is a silver lining to this disappointing Houston season, it's that the Rockets wouldn't have a chance of beating this Golden State team even if they were outperforming last season's production.

So, Houston heads into the Bay Area and will take on the defending champions. Their former coach will be watching. It won't be fun to watch.

Tip-off is at 9:30pm CST on TNT.

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