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The Dream Shake Podcast, Ep. 15: The Kevin Durant conspiracy theories

Ryan Dunsmore and Ethan Rothstein head down the rabbit hole of how Kevin Durant could become a Rockets. Because who wants to talk about the 2015-2016 season anyways?

The Dream Shake Podcast: Episode No. 15

Hosts: Ryan Dunsmore and Ethan Rothstein

The Houston Rockets' season has gone sideways. The Rockets have Josh Smith and Michael Beasley on the same roster -- what could go wrong?

Ryan and Ethan talk about the current state of the Rockets and the playoff run. Throughout the podcast, the TDS boys pull out their photos, news clippings and red string to connect the dots on how Kevin Durant will join the Rockets in free agency.

  • Rockets trade Donatas Motiejunas
  • Motiejunas trade voided
  • Rockets buyout Ty Lawson
  • Rockets sign Michael Beasley
  • Rockets playoff Chances
  • Kevin Durant to Rockets conspiracy theories

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