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Every Houston Rockets player's first tweet

Except Josh Smith and Andrew Goudelock, they don't tweet.

Dwight Howard

Once upon a time, everybody was new to Twitter. The social media, microblogging platform celebrates its 10th anniversary today, and gave us the chance to see our first tweets, including those of our favorite basketball team.

In the beginning, not everybody knew how to "Twitter" or "tweet." As a result, everybody's old tweets look like Instagram photos from 68 weeks ago.

The Houston Rockets included.

Patrick Beverley

Not bad, Bev. Strong start. Pass.

Corey Brewer

James Harden

Don't worry, James. You go third overall to the Oklahoma City Thunder. It's Hasheem Thabeet you should be worried about.

Dwight Howard

So this is the marketing intern's first tweet.

Sam Dekker

Sam Dekker joined Twitter in 2009 but his first tweet is dated February 19, 2016. It looks like we have a mass deleter on our hands. What are you hiding, Sam?

Michael Beasley

O, just you wait.

Clint Capela

Clint Capela tweeted in French about practice and yoga. Kid was ready.

Trevor Ariza

They say the best first tweets are the ones where you dis the haters.

K.J. McDaniels

K.J. was sent to the D-League for Twitter seasoning.

Jason Terry


Montrezl Harrell

Terrence Jones