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Clutch ups his mascotting with the garbage can of distraction

Clutch took some night classes at Arizona State University apparently.

As Utah Jazz guard Rodney Hood attempted to shoot free throws, Clutch tried to distract him with a surprise in his garbage can.

ASU has been using the curtain of distraction to disrupt shooters for years. It remains to be seen if the Rockets will implement this as a regular thing. Maybe, Clutch is just trying to up his mascot game. After all, he hasn't been named Mascot of the Year since 2013.

The competition is pretty heavy these days. Toronto's Raptor has a long standing rivalry with the Lopez brothers and he regularly goes viral for trying to beat them up and outsmart them. The new Clipper mascot, Chuck the Condor, is Internet famous for being ugly as sin and kinda looking like Steve Balmer.