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LeBron James will sit out the Rockets' matchup with the Cavaliers

Rockets look to have caught an ex-MVP sized break

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Rockets are going to be catching a big break in Tuesday night's TNT matchup with the Cavaliers. Per reports, it looks like LeBron James will be on LeBench. Cavs head coach and former Rockets point guard Tyronn Lue says that James will rest.

While James will sit, the Rockets still have a pretty tough task ahead of them. Kyrie Irving, who sat out for rest in the Cavs' last game, will likely be a full-go, as will Kevin Love.

The Rockets, who are fighting for their playoff lives, can use any help teams are willing to give them. Be it the Raptors having two starters ejected from a game, the Mavericks completely imploding or the Cavs resting James... Seriously the Rockets won't complain and they will happily take the wins.

If there is any hope for the magical six seed, the Rockets need to win this matchup with the Cavs. As of now they are locked into the eight seed and sit two games below .500.