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Rockets beat the Cavs 106-100 after coming back from 20 point deficit

The Rockets really don't want to go to Oakland.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets beat the Cavaliers 106-100 after coming back from a 20 point deficit.

It was the biggest lead the Cavs blew all season.

LeBron James rested, so he sat on the bench with a cute little button on his jacket.

The first quarter started off well. Both teams played really good basketball. It was pretty competitive but the Rockets soon set the pace. They were clearly in control. Granted,  Kevin Love got taken out early with two fouls and LeBron was MIA.

DoM went out with two fouls and that brought Michael Beasley in. Things got even better with the Beas. With five points and two rebounds, Beasley had the best first quarter of any of the Rockets, including starters. The Rockets also slaughtered Cleveland in transition.

Then, LeBron took over the coaching job or something.

In the second quarter, the Cavs went small with four shooters around Tristan Thompson. The Rockets keep Dwight Howard in. Likely because James Harden wasn't providing much offense.

The Cavs took the lead in the middle of the second quarter and ended up bringing it up to 19 before it was finally over.

Howard couldn’t guard the pick and roll. The Rockets kept switching and it provided to be really faulty. Defence fell apart and the Cavs ended the second with a 19 - 4 run.

The Rockets only hit 14 shots in first half.

The third brought hope. Trevor Ariza and Patrick Beverly cut Cleveland's lead to 15 and then Beasley started getting buckets.

Harden still lacked the cook.

At the end of the third quarter, it was Rockets 71, Cavs 84.

Harden only had nine points going into the fourth. But then, Stella found her groove. Harden put up seven points in two minutes to bring the Rockets within six.

But, Houston’s comeback started with defense. Clint Capela, Bev, Beas, and Harden contested every shot.

Bev made a three and the Rockets took a 94-91 lead.

Beasley had a huge defensive stop to end a scary moment, and then Ariza hit a three to ruin LeBron’s night.

Harden went to the line to end the book.

The Rockets held onto the Western Conference's No. 8 seed. They are half a game way from the seventh-seeded Utah Jazz, which would mean they wouldn’t be playing the Golden State Warriors in the first round.

Thank you, LeBron James.