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Houston Rockets vs. Chicago Bulls game preview

The Rockets look to start a winning streak against the Chicago Bulls on TNT.

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, it's yet another team fighting for the playoffs!

That's the thing about this time of year: everyone is either fighting to get into the playoffs or fighting to move up a spot or two in the seeding. In the last month or so, Houston has played almost every team in the top 9 in the East, and they're all in dogfights.

Meanwhile, the Rockets sit in a 3-way tie for seventh place in the West. They're 2 games behind the Blazers and 4 behind the injured Grizzlies. But so are the Mavs. And the Jazz. It's going to be a crazy last two weeks.

The Chicago Bulls also sit 2 games behind their nearest competitor, the Indiana Pacers in the 8 seed of the Eastern Conference. They just beat those Pacers in Indy to snap a 4-game winning streak. Jimmy Butler in the game-winner in that one and Nikola Mirotic dropped 28.

Both Derrick Rose and Taj Gibson are questionable for tonight's contest but my guess is that both will play since the game is on national television. And hardly anyone is injured when they play the Rockets. In fact, it seems like everyone targets he Rockets for their "return for injury" game. *Cough* Jimmy Butler *cough*.

Anyway, tip-off is a little early tonight so be prepared. And it's on TNT. Will the national media continue to crap on Houston no matter what? Will Shaq bash Dwight even if Howard has 40/20 at halftime? Find out the answers to these questions tonight (Hint: it's yes to both).

Tip-off is at 6pm Central on TNT.

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