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Dwight Howard got called for a flagrant foul because Kyle Lowry flopped

No way around this.

(Vine via Clutch Fans)

The Rockets getting screwed by officiating is neither new nor news, but this one is particularly egregious. Not only did J.B. Bickerstaff receive a (deserved) technical for charging out onto the floor to plead the case that Kyle Lowry fouled Dwight Howard before Dwight fouled fouled Lowry (he was right).

Then, the officials went to official review, pondered for about five minutes, then upgraded Dwight's common foul to a flagrant foul. Watch that play on loop: Dwight's elbows stay below his shoulders, they don't fly out or anything. That they made contact with Lowry's head at all is, by its nature, not Dwight's fault because Lowry is so much shorter than he. But they didn't make very strong contact, and it certainly wasn't excessive or unnecessary.

Yet, after much deliberation, the refs still decided to give Dwight a flagrant-1. So the Raptors got three free throws and the ball.