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NBPA considers filing a grievance over the failed Donatas Motiejunas trade

Like, really, though. How is his back good enough to play for the Rockets but not the Pistons?

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The National Basketball Players Association is reportedly "strongly" considering filing a grievance with its long time rival, the NBA, according to Yahoo Sports.

The Pistons picked up Motiejunas and guard Marcus Thornton in exchange for a first-round pick and center Joel Anthony. The Pistons quickly voided the three-player trade with the Rockets on Feb. 22 after Motiejunas failed several medical examinations on his back.

Motiejunas had back surgery late last season.

He had setbacks during his recovery but he's been medically cleared by doctors and he's played in five games for Houston. Like, how hard were those exams up in Detroit?

The procedure Motiejunas had was a minimally invasive spine surgery called a lumbar microdiscectomy. It’s typically performed for issues like herniated lumbar discs to help with pain.

If the union does file, it will benefit Motiejunas. He's a free agent next offseason so Detroit really did him dirty. He's obviously healthy enough to play. However, teams now have reason to be suspect.

Motiejunas flat out told Basketnews.Lt in Lithuania that he was "screwed."

"The team doctor simply says whether you pass or don't, although they may not do any checks," Motiejunas told the website. "Those 48 hours actually just let the team decide whether they want you or not. The Pistons announced I did not pass the medical, although I surely did pass it and played even before it. I just got screwed. The injury was a pretense to call of the trade. They changed their minds."