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Rockets beat the 76ers in a hot game to reach .500

Rockets secure a second victory against the 76ers to prove the Toronto win wasn't a fluke.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Recent Rockets acquisitions Andrew Goudelock and Michael Beasley joined the squad tonight against the 76ers. Beasley was slotted to play backup power forward to Donatas Motiejunas. J.B. Bickerstaff warned that the rotation could change. And, boy, it did. Beasley ended up in the five spot, playing some power/small forward. Small ball. Weird stuff happens.

Sam Dekker and Terrence Jones were listed as inactive. Dekker, of course, for posting that senior picture of Dwight Howard.

Patrick Beverly and James Harden started off the first quarter with a little bit of buddy ball. Bev set the screen for Harden. Bev lead the team through the first. However, it started off pretty slow.

Transition defence was a problem, the Rockets weren’t getting back fast enough and the 76ers were unguarded in the paint. As the first quarter closed out, the Rockets started to get complainy and frustrated. Howard had some messy fouls that weren't exactly fouls in the sport of basketball.

The 76ers aren’t very good at anything basketball-related but they are able to recognize obvious weaknesses and take advantage.

J.B. tried to switch Michael Bealsey in and out without disrupting flow. Beasley's free throws are still clutch. Nearing the end of the game, he got pretty hot.

With three minutes left in the first, Bev had scored 8 of the 12 Rockets points. Howard couldn’t touch the ball without a foul. Bev played the role Harden normally plays.

The first quarter ended 27 - 21 for the 76ers.

Midway through the second quarter, the Rockets, led by Bev, started to get it together. They hit three straight threes.

The 76ers stopped fouling Howard and he was able to get in the game.

J.B. keep trying different lineups until he figured out something that worked. At the end of the second, it was 40 - 25 for Houston. Natural order had been restored.

The highlight of the game came when K.J. McDaniels got his revenge on Philly. Terrell Owens would be proud.

Everything that was accomplished at the end of the second looked to be history by the start of the third. But, Houston got it together.

Harden had 25 points, 7 assists and 6 rebounds by the end of the third.

It looked like Houston would be playing out the clock by the start of the 4th. Then, the 76ers went on a 13-point comeback attempt that was finally stopped by Howard.

In the final five, Jason Terry’s corner threes secured the lead. Harden and Howard took over from there.

Harden scored 29 points and Howard had 21 points and 18 rebounds in the 118-104 victory.