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Rockets head to Minnesota to battle the Wolves

The Rockets need a win tonight to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

AK broke down tonight's playoff implications in his game preview. Make sure you're up on the scenarios- it's an important night for not only the Rockets, but also for the Mavericks and Jazz (who play each other).

Spyro gave you a lot of current news if you need to catch up on some Rocket Fuel in advance of tonight's tip, and James Harden being dubbed "underrated" really ruffled some feathers out there. I've already gotten some hate mail about today's piece. Which just further proves the point of the entire article.

Anyway, the Rockets need this one, and it won't be easy. The Wolves may be 28-52, but they've also won their last three in a row. Besides, we all know it's never easy for this group of Rockets.