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How do you repair the broken Rockets?

In today's Rocket Fuel: How do you repair the broken Rockets? One writer believes it starts with the emergence of Clint Capela. Also, is Luke Walton ready to lead an imperfect team?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets don't play again until Thursday, so fans can take solace in the fact that they don't have to watch another frustrating blowout just yet. However, make sure you are caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

I'm Done With This Year's Houston Rockets | Houston Press

This team is broken, not beyond repair, but beyond repair in the next two games.

The Rockets Are A Miserable Basketball Team | Deadspin

The Rockets don’t seem remotely interested in playing basketball. They’re in the playoffs, yet can barely summon the energy to give a shit.

Shaq calls out James Harden, says 'he has no leadership skills' | FOX Sports

Everybody gets on James Harden for his non-existent defense, but Shaquille O'Neal says something else is missing.

The Divergent Futures Of Dwight Howard And Clint Capela | RealGM Analysis

There are two questions to address once Howard opts out: Where should he go? And how will the Rockets address his absence? (See: Capela, Clint)

3 pros and 3 cons to hiring Luke Walton as an NBA head coach | For The Win

Since Walton will be on the top of many team's lists (possibly the Rockets' as well) it's important to take a look at his resume. Is he ready to lead an imperfect team?