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Rockets CEO Tad Brown claps back at Charles Barkley's hustle comment

A former Rocket questions Houston's hustle, and the Rockets CEO hustles.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets front office was testing after game two in the first round matchup between the Rockets and Golden State Warriors. Darryl Morey commented about the Warriors' physical play.  Rockets CEO Tad Brown got into the action as well after a comment from former Rockets player and now TNT Sports studio host Charles Barkley.

The Houston Chronicle's Sports Media reporter David Barron reported Barkley's comments about the Rockets play following the team's game three wins on Thursday. Brown was ready with a comeback:

The following tweet in thread from @HTownRocketsBB had an example of Barkley's hustle:

Barkley played four seasons in Houston from 1996-2000. He scored 3,017, 2,235, 720 assists, and a .482 FG% during his time with the Rocket. The video above shows the ending of the peak of Barkley's time with the Rockets. Houston reached the Western Conference finals against the Utah Jazz in the 1996-97 season.