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Charles Barkley apologizes to the Houston Rockets

Admitting to a Tweet-inspired overreaction former Houston Rocket and NBA MVP Charles Barkley apologized today to Daryl Morey, Tad Brown and Les Alexander.

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The Chuckster wrote a 2003 book "I may be wrong but I doubt it"
The Chuckster wrote a 2003 book "I may be wrong but I doubt it"

From smack talk to bar fights to weighing in on ye olde topics of the day, nobody has ever accused Charles Barkley of being quiet. And today when he opened his mouth he may have recorded a career first, an apology.

Charles Barkley issued an apology to the Houston Rockets, general manager Daryl Morey, owner Les Alexander and team CEO Tad Brown for 'overreacting' to Tweets made by Morey and Brown in response to Barkley's own stern commentary. So pretty much, Twitter.

The apology has nothing to do with the ample ammunition the Rockets on-court production is providing Barkley. No, the feud that led to the Chuckster's unexpected moment of grace was after Rockets CEO Tad Brown Tweeted this:

Well. That Tweet led to Barkley ripping Brown and going straight schoolyard with a "Toad Brown" burn he recanted today on TNT...

This is a rare showing of grace and humility toward the Rockets, who Sir Charles has accused of owing him either $3 or $5 million. Perhaps the Round Mound of Rebound is getting softer in his old age. Just thirteen years ago the man did write a book entitled "I may be wrong but I doubt it," currently available on Amazon for one cent.

NOTE: The book is a true gem. Barkley predicts Martha Stewart will never go to prison. Shares advice he received from Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. And includes a tacit endorsement of gay marriage, in 2003!

Today's lesson: Love Chuck or hate Chuck, you have to love him.