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Patrick Beverley says he'll play in Game 5

Houston gets some good news heading into tonight's pivotal contest.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets were set to be in a world of trouble without their emotional leader, who was listed as day-to-day with a myriad of injuries that include a hamstring, a knee, and a hip.

But in some great news for the Rockets, Beverley not only practiced yesterday, but announced to Fox Sports Houston's Mark Berman that he fully expects to play in tonight's critical Game 5.

It's also being reported that not only will Bev be active, but that he looked "no worse for the wear" after Tuesday's practice.

As we outlined here earlier at TDS, the Rockets need Beverley's intensity if they're to extend this series to Friday, but perhaps even more than his intensity, the Rockets could use his shooting from deep. While the entire team has struggled from long range, Bev's 3-11 shooting from three in the series is particularly notable due to the career year he had this season from beyond the arc.

His 40 percent shooting from deep was not only the best of his career, but it also led the entire Rockets team. If Bev can revert back to regular season form tonight, the Rockets will add an element they've sorely lacked all series. And turning the tide in shooting could also potentially turn the tide in this match up.

With Steph Curry out for the Warriors and the Rockets sporting a full lineup, Houston's been gifted another opportunity. Let's hope they can take advantage of it.