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Patrick Beverley calls out the ESPN show "His and Hers"

Just when you thought you couldn't like Beverley even more, he goes out and does this!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

A good rule of thumb is "don't put baby in a corner." Another good rule of thumb is: don't annoy Patrick Beverley, and especially don't annoy him during the offseason...He will not hesitate to call you out.

When someone tried to challenge him about watching the playoffs from his couch, he had a perfect response. On Wednesday afternoon, the Wolverine took exception with one of ESPN's shows "His and Hers" hosted by Jemele Hill and Michael Smith.

Note: I don't personally watch that show, but no doubt they were likely doing some sort of Rockets bashing cause that's what ESPN does. The Rockets point guard sent out a tweet, calling out the hosts of the show.

It might have all ended there, but Jemele Hill decided to respond, inviting Beverley on to the show.

Then it went off the rails from there, Beverley accused the show of a ratings grab. Smith (paraphrasing) said he needs to follow their work before he starts throwing stones. After all the tweets had settled, Beverley agreed to be on their show the week of May 23rd.

Beverley may play in the NBA, but he keeps it very real. He dominates little kids on the basketball court and fires off hot takes on Twitter. People wonder why Rockets fans love feisty point guard, follow him on social media and you'll know why. Plus, he's legal with eagle.