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Is Kenny Smith a legitimate candidate for head coach?

In today's Rocket Fuel: Is there really a serious chance Kenny Smith gets the coaching job? Plus, James Harden's beard is now available for the public to eat.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Another day, another lack of news from the Rockets off season. The coaching search must surely narrow down one of these days right? Anyways, make sure you are caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

What went wrong for the Houston Rockets in 2016? - Part 5 | Red94

In part 5 of the series of articles, various theories as to why the Rockets defense dropped off so much are discussed. A VERY interesting read.

Coaching candidate Kenny Smith says meeting with Rockets was 'good first date' | Houston Chronicle

Smith, who is interested in coaching at some point, was pleased with his first meeting with the Rockets. Maybe there is a serious chance of this happening after all.

Now You Can Eat James Harden’s Beard | TIME

While the gummy candies skew to the tart side, this is probably the most likable Harden has been since he left OKC for the Rockets.

Steph Curry tops LeBron James in NBA jersey sales; Kristaps Porzingis fourth | The Washington Post

The Beard is still in the top 15 after a tumultuous season.