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There is a #BringKennyBack movement. We went to a rally

Believe or not, there's a movement happening in Houston...

#BringKennyBack was trending for a while in Houston Friday morning/afternoon. When you clicked the hashtag you saw that it was filled with love for former Rockets point guard Kenny "The Jet" Smith. Then there was word of a rally at Toyota Center

So, I'm not doing anything Friday afternoon. Why not check out and see why on earth people would have a Kenny Smith rally? Don't these people understand the Jet has as likely a chance at becoming head coach as one of them?

Going into it thinking this would be some kind of joke or farce, color me surprised: there was actually a pretty decent turnout.

They had a DJ. DJ Ice

They had support (about 20-40 people), they had flyers, they had chants and dances.

Party time at the #BringBackKenny rally

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Like many other rallies they had a charismatic leader who organized the whole thing. Kevin Allen, who runs AAU programs, was the #BringKennyBack leader. Allen told The Dream Shake he and the Jet have known each other for about 20 years, and Smith had no idea of his plans to have a rally in his honor.

Allen went on to ask why shouldn't Smith have a chance at becoming head coach of the Houston Rockets? He's hoping that while the rally did not last long — rain started to shower down about 30 minutes into the rally — that the support would put a little pressure on the Rockets to make a decision.

(DJ Ice does not quit)

#BringKennyBack might not have swept the nation the way a Game of Thrones hashtag shuts down twitter every Sunday night, but they made their point.

This process is about to go on to its third week and there is still no clear-cut options for the Rockets. The coaching search has included former Suns coach Jeff Hornacek, Kenny Smith, possibly the whole T-N-T crew, your neighbor, and anyone else you can think off. So with a net that wide, I guess Allen is right, "Why not Kenny Smith?"