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Frank Vogel hired by Magic after Les Alexander didn't want him

The coaching search has gone from "ugggghhh" to "FUUUUUUUU"

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Frank Vogel, the No. 1 choice of, I would say, most Rockets fans to become the team's head coach this year, has accepted a job to coach the Orlando Magic, a team that last made the playoffs when one Dwight Howard was in the middle.

Meanwhile, the Rockets, one year removed from the Conference Finals, appear to be closing in on signing Mike D'Antoni to fill that role. This is a scary proposition. It's a frustrating situation. Many of us would be perfectly happy if Kevin McHale were still on the sideline. But this little tidbit from Calvin Watkins maybe hardest of all to stomach.

So Leslie Alexander, he who bought the team with Hakeem Olajuwon and Rudy Tomjanovich already on board and has since not had the greatest track record of team management, vetoed any attempt to interview Frank Vogel. The team has interviewed two of its own assistants, Mike D'Antoni (twice), Hornets assistant Stephen Silas (twice), never-coach Kenny Smith once, and Frank Vogel didn't get a call.

Frank Vogel, who led the Indiana Pacers to the Conference Finals behind the NBA's best defense, didn't get a call. It's already been a horrible day. This is just a kick in the nuts.