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James Harden's image continues to take hits

In today's Rocket Fuel: James Harden's image continues to take a hit, while the infamous James Harden trade may not prove to be sooooo terrible for the Thunder.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Rockets off season and coaching interview process has gotten off to a slow and uneventful start. However, make sure you are caught up on the latest Rockets news with today's Rocket Fuel!

Former Houston Rockets star Robert Reid blasts James Harden | ESPN

Former Rockets "star" (term used very loosely) Robert Reid was critical of current star James Harden, saying his selfishness may have been to blame for the team's bumpy road this season.

Rockets fans may be surprised to learn value of James Harden | Houston Chronicle

Although the Beard takes more than his fair share of abuse for his team's collapse this season, the statistics show Harden is one of the five most valuable players in the NBA.

Four years on: Steven Adams and the James Harden trade - The Crowd | Fox Sports

Steven Adams is proving his worth in the infamous James Harden trade.

Stephen Curry or Kawhi Leonard? Dream NBA players to build around | Sports Illustrated

Who would you all choose to build your team around?