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2016 NBA Draft: Houston Rockets select Zhou Qi from China

Morey taps into the China market to add to the Rockets roster.

Paul Kane/Getty Images

The Houston Rockets with their last known pick of the evening — 43rd overall — have selected Zhou Qi from China. Once again Daryl Morey has reached overseas, this time tapping into the China market to pick another tall center.

Qi has a lot more range than Yao Ming ever did. He is 7'2" and almost 7'3" with a massive 7'8" wingspan.  He's known for jumping and shot blocking. He is incredibly skinny, coming in at 218 pounds soaking wet. That will need to balloon to 240 or more for him to be effective at the 5 in the NBA.

You can check out his highlights right here:

The Rockets are expected to keep him in China for the upcoming season and potentially look at bringing him over for the 2017-18 season. He will hopefully use that time to gain some strength and work on some other aspects of his game. You can get a bit more information on this pick from a couple other of our sister sites at the following links:

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