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Apparently the Rockets are actually trying to re-sign Dwight Howard

This is a thing that is out there.

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I didn't believe it when Daryl Morey said this on Adrian Wojnarowski's podcast earlier this month, and I still am not quite convinced, but the noise is out there: the Rockets are apparently going to go after Dwight Howard in free agency.

USA Today's Sam Amick, on Woj's in terms of journalistic credibility, says Houston is pursuing a contract with Dwight Howard below the max that he's seeking. Yes, even after we've already written our obituary on his Houston tenure, there is reportedly a chance Superman isn't moving to another Metropolis just yet.

Concurrently, Dwight Howard went on Jason Terry's radio show this evening and discussed his free agency. He's reportedly scheduled meetings with his hometown Hawks and the Celtics, but he said his agent is handling those and he's keeping his options wide open.

My feelings about Dwight Howard returning are no secret. Not only did he admit to not trying for stretches last season, he also has a fundamental misunderstanding of what a good offense is and how he can contribute to one. The Rockets would be better served with just Clint Capela starting and spending their money elsewhere on the roster. Even if Morey truly does believe Dwight Howard is still a star-level player in the NBA, reality begs to differ.

Hopefully, this is just talk to drive up the price for other teams. I wouldn't mind the Hawks deciding they'd rather pay Dwight $20 million per year than Al Horford $25 million, clearing the way for him to sign in Houston. That'd be nice. Since that would be a smart thing to do, I'm just going to assume that's what is really going on in Morey's head.